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        Some things you may want to know about Halo Weft Hair

        Some things you may want to know about Halo Weft Hair

        Some things you may want to know about Halo Weft Hair

        Nowadays, Halo Weft hair extensions are high-quality hair extensions and can match almost all hair types and colors. Unlike most hair extensions, they are thicker and made in a way that makes them easy to use and comfortable to wear. The good thing about them is that when worn, they give the impression that your hair is really beautiful, and nobody can realize that you are wearing Halo Weft hair extensions. They are more invisible and easy to wear than other hair extensions! There is no doubt that they will always give you amazing results.

        Composition of Halo Weft Hair

        Halo hair extension is one of the most innovative hair extension products on the market today. It is made of real human hair, consists of a transparent fishing line and clips (the clips can be installed or removed as you like), which simplifies the installation process.

        halo weft hair

        Benefits of Halo Weft Hair Extensions

        For women with thin hair, it helps increase the volume of hair and gives them a super look. For women with short hair, wearing it can quickly increase the length of the hair to the length you want.


        In addition, it also has the following benefits:

        • Washable

        • Very easy to wear

        • Doesn’t budge even if you’re moving

        • Blends really well with your natural hair

        • Can be brushed while in the hair

        • Doesn’t use heat or glue

        • Doesn’t damage hair

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          Halo Weft  VS. Clip in Hair  VS. Tape in Hair

          VS. Clip in Hair Extensions

          Clip hair extensions are completely safe to use, but if you wear them for a long time, your scalp may feel uncomfortable due to heavy hair. This problem is nonexistent in Halo Weft Hair. If you are afraid that the fishing line cannot fix weft hair in your own hair, you can add a few clips. The fishing line can also share part of the pressure of the clip so that you will not feel it too heavy. In addition, because it is transparent, you don't have to worry about it being exposed.

          VS. Tape in Hair Extensions

          Just like clip in hair extensions, tape in extensions is relatively safe, but it is more troublesome to wear and remove than halo hair. Tape in extensions use some form of adhesive (usually glue) to make the extension stick to the hair. You have to put them on your hair carefully when you wear them, and you need to use a lot of pieces to achieve the effect you want. In addition, the tape will gradually lose its stickiness after a period of use.

          You need to purchase replacement tapes if you want to continue using it. When you want to remove them, you must use professional remover, otherwise, you may damage your hair. Again, just like the clip, this problem does not exist in Halo Weft Hair Extensions.

          How to wear?

          Step 1

          Start by pulling the top section of your hair into a top knot. Leave 2 inch wide sections out at the front of your face.

          (optional, but it helps a lot with blending the hair later on.)

          Step 2

          Place the halo hair on your head with the fish line about an inch back from your forehead.

          Push the back of the weft down so it sits firmly below your occipital bone. (This is the small bump you can feel at the back of your head.)

          Step 3

          Take your top knot down so the top section of your hair covers the halo.

          Pull pieces of hair over the halo and wire until it is completely covered.

          Brush through the ends of your locks until the strands are blended.

          If you have any other things about halo weft hair want to know, please contact us. Our email address is: service@runature.net

          Can you distinguish Flat Silk Hair Weft , Hand-tied Hair Weft and Machine Hair Weft?

          Can you distinguish Flat Silk Hair Weft , Hand-tied Hair Weft and Machine Hair Weft?

          Can you distinguish Flat Silk Hair Weft, Hand-tied Hair Weft, and Machine Hair Weft?

          A lot of ladies don’t know how to get a choice of weft type when first purchasing human hair weft. Today, let me share the characteristics of different types of hair weft and their differences.

          Flat Silk Weft Hair

          What is Silk Weft?

          The silk weft is such a stunning way to add natural looking length and volume. It is a thinner form of regular, weft hair extensions, flat silk weft hair extensions have no return hair on them (the short little hair that's normally on top of wefts), so it allows for a natural, very flat, and comfortable application.

          After flat silk weft was first appeared and quickly become a favored item of women. It is a thinning form of human hair wefts. To avoid the hair shedding problem, manufacturers add double-stitched to make it firmer. In other words, this hair is a weft sealed by a super-thin piece of silk base. Often, these flat silk weft hair extensions are thin flat, about only 1mm in thickness. The hair extensions are utterly safe to attach to your head as they have no silicone and are made of pure human hair. All cuticles are kept intact, mimicking the look of your natural locks.

          shop now>

          Why choose flat silk wefts?

          1、The weft appears without return short hair

          This hair is a great option for those looking for a perfect hair look. There is the super micro trach sewing in the weft, so it will no shed any strands or lose its strength. no short hair on the top of the weft makes the wearers feel comfortable and no itching.

          2、Flat silk weft extensions can stay long on your head

          It is undeniable that there is hair shedding when you use a hair system. For the hand-tied weft, you can't cut it. But a silk flat weft can deal with this problem. It is stitched and will not shed any strands or weaken the strength of the hair after attaching. In addition, you can swim without taking the hair out.

          3、It offers a natural look

          The seamless hair weft is thinner than other common wefts, about 1mm thickness. It is sealed in super-thin and strong silk holding. The lighter weight brings comfortable wearing.

          Hand-tied hair weft

          What is Hand-tied hair weft?

          Hand-tied extensions have a weft that is typically 11”-12” wide. The hair is knotted by hand along with 2-3 threads to create a weft. It is typically thin and requires more than one weft to make a row of hair that has enough thickness for most clients (I usually glue 3 wefts together to make one row). The weft itself (sewn part) is very thin and hides well on clients with thinner hair. Hand-tied extensions can be sewed onto beaded tracks or braids. Cutting hand-tied wefts is not recommended. Hand-tied wefts are typically more expensive because of the high cost of labor to make them.

          View and Buy Now>

          The advantages of Hand-tied hair weft

          1、More fine and flexible

          Although there are many types and brands of hand-tied hair extensions, they all vary in quality, durability, and craftsmanship. Hand-tied hair extensions are the most comfortable in the hair industry currently. 

          They are exceptionally flexible and can be styled. Because they are sewn by hand, it allows the wefts to be extremely fine, making them able to conform to the natural curvature of your head. Hand-tied extensions were made to be thin, comfortable, and subtle. 

          2、Get a more natural experience (seamless)

          Hand-tied extensions, unlike machine weft, are thinner and barely visible. Because of this, they seamlessly blend into your natural hair. 

          These characteristics make hand-tied extensions the best choice when picking out your extensions. Hand-tied extensions can be treated and maintained like your natural hair. They can be washed, straightened, or curled to blend with your hair.

          3、Convenience (no need to install every day)

          With proper care, hand-tied extensions can last anywhere 12 months. You are able to wake up and style your hair as usual without worrying about installing hair everyday.

          Shop high quality hand-tied hair extensions now!

          Machine Hair Weft

          What is machine hair weft?

          Machine weft is hair that has been sewn-in together using a machine. In order for the machine to sow in these hairs together, there has to be enough hair to catch the needle and thread. If the machine does not catch all the hairs at once, shedding can occur. Nonetheless, it is just excess hair, nothing to be concerned about. The lining of this type of weft is thicker than a hand-tied. Which also results in having thicker density for that needed volume. Machine wefts typically cost less because they are less time consuming to make. So they are very commonly bought and used.

          The benefits of machine weft?

          The biggest benefit of machine weft hair is the fact that you are able to cut them without the hair shedding excessively. This allows for less margin for error when installing them. You can use machine weft for a wide variety of weaving techniques including cornrow weaves, clip ins, glued in quick weaves, partial weaves, etc.


          No doubt machine weft are the most popular because they are both sturdy and easy to handle by self installers and stylists alike. If you are new to self-installation I would strongly suggest that you start off with machine weft to get yourself acquainted with handling extension hair. Similarly, if your stylist is not familiar with or is not used to handling hand-tied weft, stick with the machine weft.
          If on the other hand you are an avid weave fan and you are ready to appreciate the work of art that is a weave created with hand-tied weft the world of ultra-light and comfortable weaves are just a short time away. You won’t be disappointed!

          Do You Know Virgin Hair in Extensions?

          Do You Know Virgin Hair in Extensions?

          Do You Know Virgin Hair in Extensions?

          If you have been concerned about hair extensions, you may have heard the following term: Virgin Hair. But what is virgin hair? What are the differences between it and ordinary hair extension? If you’re interested in virgin hair extensions, keep reading to learn more.

          virgin hair extensions


          What is virgin hair?

          Virgin Hair is real human hair from real people. There are no mixed synthetic fibers or animal hair. In order for virgin hair to be of high quality, it must be 100% natural. Therefore, when you buy the hair, it has not been processed such as perm. It comes from a healthy person, and the cuticle of the hair must be intact, with the hair scales running in the same direction.

           Click to buy Virgin Tape Hair>

          virgin hair extensions

          The premium quality of virgin hair

          Premium virgin hair has a nice natural layered effect. It's a premium grade, so gives a very beautiful, shiny appearance. Virgin hair is going to be some of the most expensive hair that you can buy but it lasts longer than any other type of hair extension if it's properly taken care of. You also can curl your hair using heat tools. With virgin hair, you will get a real 100% human hair premium-quality extensions.

          Hair extensions that are virgin keep their natural color and gloss far longer than any other type of extension on the market because they have never been treated with the usual harsh chemicals that people often put in their hair. That is why you should always invest in virgin hair extensions when you are shopping for premium hair extensions.

          virgin hair extensions

           View Virgin Clip Hair>

          How long will the virgin hair last? 

          The virgin hair is bound to last for 1 to 2 years maximum if handled with care. Make sure you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner, brush them up, and take care of them in order to make them last longer. Try to avoid using any heating products like straighteners, hairstylers, etc. The virgin curly hair tends to last considerably less than the normal straight and curly ones as they need to be washed and combed thoroughly. However, there are certain ways through which you can make sure that your life of the virgin hair lasts longer. Let's have a look at some of them.

          virgin hair extensions

          Buy Virgin Pre-Bonded Hair Now!

          How to take care of your virgin hair?

          1. The first step in any hair care routine is, of course, to shampoo and condition your strands regularly. If you have virgin hair, look for a shampoo and conditioner system that’s formulated to be gentle on your strands and address any hair concerns you naturally face.
          2. After you step out of the shower, apply a nourishing hair treatment or serum to your damp strands. Doing so after every wash can help keep your virgin hair looking healthy and hydrated.
          3. Remember to comb your hair before going to bed. Make sure that each strand of hair is not tangled. Remember to be gentle with your fingers, without pulling. And even braid your hair into one loose large braid and wear a satin scarf or bonnet.
          4. Make sure that your hair is completely dry before you go to bed.
          5. After waking up, undo braid and comb using a wide-tooth comb through beginning at the ends and working your way up to roots.
          6. Apply a little quantity of coconut oil 3 to 4 times a week. This will add shine to your hair and make them last longer.

          View All Runature Virgin Hair Extensions

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