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        What is the Difference Between Synthetic Hair Extensions and Real Human Hair Extensions?

        What is the Difference Between Synthetic Hair Extensions and Real Human Hair Extensions?

        What is the Difference Between Synthetic Hair Extensions and Real Human Hair Extensions?

        human hair vs synthetic hair

        Are you still using synthetic hair extensions? Read this article, let us understand the difference between real human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions.

        What is synthetic hair extension?

        Synthetic hair extensions are using man-made fibers, fine threads are manufactured to create synthetic hair which is formed from polymers and designed to look and feel as similar to human hair as possible. These threads can then be made into a wig, weave, or extensions to create an alternative to human hair products.


        What is real human hair extension?

        Real human hair extensions are made of 100% real human hair. It can be divided into remy human hair extensions and virgin human hair extensions.

        Remy hair extensions are made from human hair collected from different channels. Therefore, the direction of hair scales is different.

        However virgin hair extensions are made of 100% human hair cut from the head of an adult. Therefore, the direction of the hair scales is the same. In the production process, they only undergo very slight chemical treatment, and the hair scales are preserved intact. The use time will be longer.

         best human hair extensions

        The advantage of real human hair extensions?

        Can be dyed

        Real human hair extensions can be dyed from light to dark, while synthetic hair extensions can not be color treated, as theywill cause irreparable damage.

        The use time is longer

        The use time of synthetic hair extensions is only about 4-6 weeks, the use time of remy human hair extensions could be used for about 12 weeks even longer.  However, the virgin human hair extensions. The use of virgin human hair extensions will even exceed 12 months.
        Therefore, although real human hair extensions are a little more expensive, the use time is 2-3 times longer than that of hair synthesis. Virgin hair extensions and even more. So it is more cost-effective to use real hair extensions.

        Synthetic hair cannot be heat treated

        Synthetic hair will also be melted when heated, so it cannot be straightened or curled like real hair extensions.

        It looks more natural

        Real human hair extensions are entirely made of human hair. Because it is real human hair, they will blend perfectly after wearing it.

        Can be arbitrarily shaped

        Synthetic hair is very effective in maintaining the shape of the hair, so it is difficult to re-style. In addition, heating Synthetic hair can cause serious damage. Human hair extensions, especially virgin hair extensions, can be styled arbitrarily.


        How to distinguish between real human hair and synthetic hair?

        The most common method is to use the burning method to distinguish between synthetic hair and real hair. Synthetic hair feels like plastic, has an unnatural sheen, and when burned, the hair melts like plastic. During the test, you can burn a few hairs. If the hair melts, it’s synthetic hair. If the hair hisses and becomes fluffy, then the hair is real human hair.


        How long can real hair extensions last?

        If you follow the correct care methods to take care of your hair extensions. Virgin hair extensions will be used for more than 12 months. Remy hair extensions will be used for more than 6 months. Of course, the better you care for your hair, the longer you will use it.

        Another thing you need to know is that the use time of remy hair extensions has a lot to do with the number of times you wash your hair. We recommend that you wash your hair extensions 1-2 times a week. Take good care. Some categories of remy hair extensions can be used for 6 months or even 12 months, such as clip in hair extensions.

        Finally, you need to pay attention to synthetic hair is synthesized through certain chemical materials. If you are prone to allergies, you need to use them carefully.

        Why Wear Hair Extensions?

        Why Wear Hair Extensions?

        Why Wear Hair Extensions?

        People use hair extensions now has become a trend. Why do more and more people start to use hair extensions? Do you know the reason?

        If you are still entangled in whether to use hair extensions. Perhaps after reading this article, you will not be so entangled.

        Hair extensions are like cosmetics. Women will become more beautiful and confident after applying makeup. And after you wear hair extensions, you will have the same result. Having very thick and long hair, after doing beautiful styling. It will also increase our beauty and self-confidence.

        pre-bonded human hair extensions

        Add Hair Volume

        The problem of hair loss plagues people of all ages. High life pressure, irregular life schedules, diseases, etc. are all causes of hair loss. Hair loss is no longer just a problem for middle-aged and elderly people.

        When you are looking for a way to solve your own hair loss problem. Maybe you can consider using hair extensions. This will allow you to increase your hair volume in the shortest possible time.

        If there is less hair, in order to increase hair volume. You can try tape in hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions, etc. They are very invisible and will not be easily discovered by others.

        If you are bald, then you can try toppers. It can easily help you cover up. This way you will never feel embarrassed or uncomfortable because of the lack of hair.

        tape in blonde human hair extensions

        Add Hair Length

        "Why does my hair grow so slowly?" Have you ever thought about it? The growth rate of everyone's hair is relatively slow. This is something beyond our control. However, the use of hair extensions is something we can control. It only takes a few minutes to a few hours. You can have perfect hair. Why not give it a try?

         clip in balayage haie extensions

        Hide a Bad Hairdo

        Have you ever encountered a bad hairdresser and did not want to go out after cutting your hair? Repeated cuts may no longer meet our requirements. Therefore, perhaps using hair extensions can easily solve the problem. It is a good choice to use hair extensions while waiting for natural hair to grow. Wearing hair extensions won’t cause any harm to your naturally growing hair.


        Try To Change The Hairstyle

        Will you have such a situation? You want to change your hairstyle or change the color of your hair. But you don’t know how to avoid making mistakes? At this time, maybe you can try using hair extensions. Pick the color you like, style the hair extensions, and then wear it on your hair. If you don’t like the color or style, you don’t have to commit. You only need to change color or style and re-match. Until you find one that suits you.

        weft hair extensioins for women

        Avoid Damage To Your Hair

        It will cause great damage to your hair if you often dye and heat them. As a result, the hair will appear dry, brittle, dull, and hair loss. How to protect your natural hair from harm? Using hair extensions won’t cause such damage. Hair extensions don’t harm people's natural hair. They can be used with confidence.

        hair extensions

        Easy To Use

        Most hair extensions are easy to wear and use. If you don't want to wear hair extensions while sleeping, clip in hair extensions are the best choice for office workers. Sometimes you may oversleep, but want to go out beautifully. At this time, perhaps you can choose clip in hair extensions. The beauty of hair extensions is that you can tailor them and style them as you like. Using hair extensions can save you a lot of time!

        easy to use hair extensions

        Have you moved a little after seeing so much? Wearing hair extensions is nothing new. Maybe your friend wears hair extensions, but you didn't find them.

        Hair extensions allow us to increase the length, volume, and even color of the hair in a short period of time. So don't hesitate anymore! Any special occasion you can think of can be enhanced by using hair extensions! The options are endless and we will be here to help you!

        If you have any question, please feel free to contact us

        Why is Hair Dry and Brittle--Some Tips to Improve Hair Dry and Brittle

        Why is Hair Dry and Brittle--Some Tips to Improve Hair Dry and Brittle

        Why is Hair Dry and Brittle--Some Tips to Improve Hair Dry and Brittle

        Are you worried about your hair being frizzy, split-ends, dry, and lackluster now? Hair is like our dry skin, and it behaves differently, from mild dullness to mature hair loss and breakage. If your hair becomes dry, brittle, and you are bothered by it, then continue reading.

        virign human hair extensions

        What is the reason for the hair becoming dry and brittle?

        For our naturally growing hair, the reasons for the hair become dry and brittle include the following aspects: On the one hand, it’s our reasons. For example, malnutrition, hypothyroidism, and a biotin deficiency can all cause brittle hair. On the other hand, it is due to external reasons. This includes the use of hairdryers, flat irons, curling irons, and other similar devices, which are often used on the hair. Excessive heat styling can cause great damage to the hair. Remember the higher the temperature, the more damage to the hair.

        Besides, seasonal factors will also affect our hair. In autumn and winter, the air is usually dry. This will affect our skin and hair to varying degrees. The colder the weather and the drier the air, the weaker our hair will become. This results in severe dryness and hair loss.

        So, what are the reasons why hair extensions have become so dry? Like hair extensions, the hair leaves the scalp for a long time, the hair cannot absorb nutrients. Therefore, it is normal for hair to become dry. Our normal hair, if it is not treated well, will become dry, not to mention hair extensions. So you don’t have to worry about dry hair, just follow the correct method to care for it.

        runature seamless tape in human hair extensions

        What can be done to fix dry hair? 

        Limit the hair washing 

        Some experts have said that for most people, washing their hair twice a week is the best choice. Because it can balance the cleanliness and moisturization of hair and scalp.

        Generally, washing hair frequently, in order to compensate for the dry hair, the scalp will be over-driven to produce natural oils, resulting in oily hair. That is to say, the more frequent hair washing, the stronger the hair oil secretion. Washing your hair frequently will increase your hair problems. 

        The washing frequency of Hair extensions, our suggestion is also 1-2 times a week.

        Nourish the hair

        Usually the longer our hair, the drier the ends of the hair. Therefore, it is very necessary to supplement the hair with nourishment.

        Not to mention hair extensions. They leave the scalp for a long time, so when washing hair extensions, you should use more conditioners or hair masks. Use more hair oil after washing. This can effectively alleviate problems such as dry hair. (Warm tips: Coconut oil has a soothing and moisturizing effect when applied to the hair.)

        Protect the hair from heat styling

        The higher the temperature, the greater the damage to the hair. When the hair extensions are washed, it is best to dry them naturally. When using flat irons and curling irons, the temperature should be controlled below 170°. This can reduce the damage to the hair extensions due to high temperatures.

        Of course, in order to protect our natural hair from heat damage, wearing hair extensions is definitely a good choice. Not only can you pre-set the style of hair extensions, but you can also retain styles such as waves and curls so that your hair will be longer, thicker, and better styling.

        At last

        Prevention of dry hair is the most effective solution. Carefully take care in daily life and change your lifestyle.

        Avoid excessive use of hair styling products, including hair dyes and heated styling tools, such as hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons.

        Avoid excessive contact with chlorinated water in the swimming pool. It is best to tie your hair up and wear a swimming cap when swimming.

        Apply a moisturizing hair mask once a week.

        Use soft padded hair accessories, and avoid using metal clips and other metal accessories.

        Avoid washing your hair too frequently, just twice a week.

        Use mild shampoos, such as shampoos that do not contain herbs or sulfates.

        When washing your hair, use cold or warm water instead of hot water. Because the cold water will help seal the stratum corneum and reduces water loss.

        Drink plenty of water and follow a healthy, balanced diet, because the food a person consumes will directly affect the health of their hair.


        Do You Know Hand-Tied Weft Hair Extensions?

        Do You Know Hand-Tied Weft Hair Extensions?

        Do You Know Hand-Tied Weft Hair Extensions?

        What are hand-tied weft hair extensions?

        Just like its name. Hand-tied weft hair extensions are purely handmade products woven entirely by hand. Its weft insertion is usually 11-12 inches wide. Hand-tied hair extensions are the wefts formed by the worker's hands by tying one hair with 2-3 threads. The weft itself (sewn part) is very thin and invisible, so it can be well hidden under your natural hair. Therefore, for most customers, if they want thick hair, you need about 150g-200g.

        hand tied sew in hair weft virgin human hair extensions

        The advantage of hand-tied weft hair.

        More comfortable

        Since it is a purely handmade product, its production process will be more refined than machine-made hair extensions. The hand-tied weft hair extensions are very thin and very invisible. There is no fine hair around the weft, so it will be more comfortable to use.

        More seamless

        Unlike machine weft insertion, the range of manual lashing is very thin and almost invisible. Therefore, they can blend seamlessly into your natural hair.

        More convenient

        The hand-tied hair extensions are virgin hair extensions, which are high-quality hair extensions. With careful care, they will last more than 12 months. Therefore, in addition to naturally growing hair, you must reinstall them. You can wear them for more than a year. You can wash, straighten or curl them just like your natural hair. They will blend perfectly with your natural hair.

        the advantage of hand-tied weft hair extensions

        How to wear hand-tied weft hair extensions?

        Method one: Habit hand-tied extension method

        • Part your hair and make a section.
        • Measure the length of the weft and compare it with your head then cut off the extra weft
        • Use a needle and thread to sew your hair to the end of the weft thread (refer to the picture)
        habit hand tied extension method

        Remove: You only need to use small scissors to cut off the thread on the top of the sewn weft, so that the weft will fall off

        Advantages: Firm installation, not easy to fall off.

        Method two: Apply the weft bundles with micro rings

        • Part your hair and make a section
        • Measure and cut the weft to the length of the parted section.
        • Place a micro ring on the needle and open the hook.
        • Grasp a section of your natural hair and a section of the weft with the hook.
        • Then squeeze the micro ring firmly with the pliers, pressing hard until it is nearly flat. 
        sew in hair weft for women

        Remove: Try squeezing lightly at first and only increase the pressure if the ring doesn't loosen. Once the ring has widened, the extensions will release and should slide out easily. If the extensions have been worn for some time, they may need a gentle pull to release the extension away from the hair.

        Advantages: More invisible. Even if you have a ponytail, you will not see the traces of using hair extensions.

        How Long the hand-tied hair extensions be used?

        The extensions are typically good for 8-10 weeks. After that time, you could take the hair out get the wefts moved up. As your hair grows, the wefts will move further from your scalp.

        hair extensions before after

        How to care hand-tied weft hair extensions?

        Keeping hair extensions healthy is very important! Because the more carefully you take care of the hair extension, the longer the use time will be.

        When combing your hair, you should start from the end and gently comb your hair to avoid hair loss. Do not comb or sleep with wet hair. Otherwise, they will be damaged.

        Enough time to dry naturally is also very important, try not to dry your hair with a hair dryer!

        Hair can be styled and bent, but remember that the higher the temperature, the greater the damage to the hair extensions.

        If you want to learn more, please click here >>

        Can I put my hair up?

        Yes of course! You can effortlessly style the extension into any style of hair. Even if you tie your hair into tall and short braids, they will hide in your natural hair very invisibly.

        hand-tied weft hair extensions

        In short, extensions can both thicken and lengthen hair, so they can be used for many reasons. You can use them for a long time to strengthen your current hair. Of course, if you don't want to wear them for a long time, you can also use them only for special activities. They are perfect for weddings, holidays, graduation ceremonies, and even keep your natural hair alive for months.

        What's Virgin Hair? All Truth about Virgin Hair You Need To Know

        What's Virgin Hair? All Truth about Virgin Hair You Need To Know

        Virgin hair is chemically unprocessed human hair, also known as Pure virgin hair, it has to be 100% pure. Simply put, virgin hair is untouched hair, like what we start out on this world with. It refers to strands that have never been color-treated or chemically processed in any way. ... Virgin hair is a hair colorist's dream because it's also much easier to color hair that doesn't already have dye on it.

        Where doew Virgin Hair come from

        • It cannot have gone through any kind of chemical processing, so when you purchase this hair, it has not been permed, colored treated, dyed, bleached, blow-dried, gone through any other chemical processing.
        • It's from one single donor so each bundle you buy should from the same donors(the donor could be Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian, etc). This has not been exposed to any kinds of harsh agents and the cuticles all still have to be intact and running the same direction.

        If these things are not so, this is not true virgin hair. 

        Here's why virgin hair is chosen: The Highest Quality Hair(But Most Expensive), Last Longer than any other types of hair extension.

        To define as virgin hair, it must the following strict standards: not been permed, dyed, colored, bleached and chemically processed in any way, comes from one single person.

        • 1. The best thing of virgin hair weave is that it can last no less than a year with proper care and maintenance.
        • 2. With Virgin hair, you have to care for it just like your own natural hair, because virgin human hair is lace of these processes, the cuticles are intact. However, this also means that more work is required in order to maintain the look and feel of the hair.
        • 3. Moreover, the color that appears in the hair weave is natural, which is why you see only this color available when virgin hair bundles are offered. 

        What Are The Benefits Of Virgin Hair?

        1. Good virgin hair can give you more options.You can choose different hairstyles to show your beauty greatly. For special occasions such as a wedding, you may try extravagant styles.

        2. Another major benefit of virgin hair is that it is low maintenance.

        3. One issue about women hair is shedding, virgin hair comprises of thick and strong strands which do not break easily.

        4. The fact that natural hair allows you to style it however you want makes it a great choice for any woman. Whether you want to wear clip-in extensions or you are interested in hair weaves, with true virgin hair extensions you should be able to look perfect any time of the day. 

        So What Side Are You On? Virgin, Remy Or Non-Remy Hair?

        Generally speaking, all natural virgin hair collected is remy hair since it was never mixed with other hair or realigned.

        This helps explain why remy hair is generally much cheaper than virgin - it's mixed with many peoples' hair.

        Some customers express that remy is softer/shinier and therefore better; it’s most likely been chemically treated (think dipped in acid or silicon) and will not last very long after its first couple of dyes and perms.