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        What will you get with Hair Extensions?

        What will you get with Hair Extensions?

        Have you imagined what happened after you had Hair Extensions?

        First of all, do you know about Hair Extensions? Some information you must  know!

        There are commonly 4 collecions at Ruanture.

        • Tape in Hair
        • Clip in Hair
        • Hair Weft Bundles
        • Pre Bonded Hair

        Tape in Hair

        Tape in Hair includes Remy and Virgin. Tape in Hair is 20 pcs/50 gram, it has a longer using life. Additionally, it's easy to apply ang remove. The Runature provides 100% real human hair and good serives.

        Pay Attention ↓↓↓

        1. Do not wash your hair for 48hours after application.
        2. Do not let the conditioner touch the tapes connection.
        3. Hair can be reused with replace tape.

        adhesive tape in hair extensions

        Clip in Hair

        Clip in Hair Extensions are a no-stress installation method for any skill level. Each piece can be easily put and removed in some minutes, and you'll have the length and volume you want.

        remy clip in hair

         Hair Weft Bundles

        Here's a special introduction to Hand-tied wefts hair extensions, they are sewn by hand with good quality. There is no short hair around the weft, so it will be more comfortable to wear. Hand stitched, the weft will be more invisible.

        virgin hair bundles extensions

        Pre Bonded Hair

        Virgin Hair is real human hair from real people. There are no mixed in synthetic fibers or animal hair. In order for virgin hair to be of high quality, it must be 100% natural. Therefore, when you buy the hair, it has not been processed such as perm. It comes from a healthy person, and the cuticle of the hair must be intact, with the hair scales running in the same direction.


        So, the four collections are described above, could you immagine that what will you get when you have a beautiful hair extensions? Let us tell you! It brings great chances for your life, work and marriage.

        Be happy everyday for life英國簽證雅思生活技能考試—考試組別及適合哪種考生| IDP 雅思

        • A person's good external image is a direct way to gain the appreciation of others.
        • Just imagine, if a beautiful wig gets compliments and compliments from others, you will definitely be very happy.
        • Sometimes this happiness lasts the whole day and makes you feel different about life. Everyday is a good mood!

        More passion and motivation for work

        求職者找工作時,最在意哪些因素?薪資、人際關係、工作保障名列前矛|2021員工C.E.O.工作價值認知調查報告| 人資充電| 104招募管理

        • When you need to interview or give a PPT presentation to your colleagues, you are a little worried that you will not do well.
        • At this time a unique temperament will bring you self-confidence and confidence.
        • You can wear our wigs, you will immediately feel a different feeling and make you more energetic.

        Keep fresh for marriage

        結婚除了get married 還能怎麼說?9個「婚姻」的口語英文- Cheers快樂工作人

        • Marriage requires two people to maintain together.Women can pursue beauty at any time.
        • If you have hair loss or thinning hair, you can really use our products.
        • Not only will it bring you back to your youth in an instant, but it can also increase the intimacy between husband and wife.


        In fact, there are many benefits, more of which are invisible to help women become better themselves. Everything we do is for your beauty.

        RUNATURE Weft Hair Extensions Real Human Hair

        RUNATURE Weft Hair Extensions Real Human Hair

        hair bundles

        How is Weft Hair Extensions different from tranditional hair extensions?

        Hair Weft Extensions come without any attachment mechanism, as opposed to clip-ins or tape-ins, which you can attach on your own. With a bundle, you can go to your hairstylist and have them work with you to create a hairstyle that fits your desires.Your hairstylist will put them in by creating a weave hair, so you won’t have to worry about upkeep or adjusting them each day.

        sew in weft

        sew in weft extensions

        Please note that hair weft bundles can be used with clips,glue or made into pre-bonded hair extensions,but these attachments are not included in the hair extensions.

        hair weaves

        How to Brush Your Hair Extensions

        Tools: A natural bristle paddle brush or a hair extension loop-brush

        Method: Separate into two sections left side/right side, start by brushing out any tangles by working your way up the hair to the roots. When you brush close to the roots, you can brush over the bonds using a soft bristle brush.

        Frequency: Every Morning and night

        remy weft extensions

        How to Wash Your Hair Extensions

        Tools: Hairbrush, good quality shampoo and conditioner

        Method: Brush your hair thoroughly before you wash it. Make sure that when showering you don’t have the shower pressure on full force. Wet your hair and shampoo in a downwards motion. Massage your scalp in-between the bonds with your fingertips. Ensure that you rinse all of the shampoo out to prevent residue from building up. Then add the conditioner through your lengths. Rinse the conditioner out, pat dry with a towel to remove excess water. Add a heat protector or leave-in moisture product if you are planning to blow-dry

        Tip: Mix some water with conditioner in a spray bottle and spray your hair extensions through the mid-to lengths before you wash your hair extensions; this will help prevent over drying from frequent washes.

        balayage sew in weft

        Styling Your Hair Extensions

        Tools: Hairbrush, crocodile clips, heat protection product, hot curling or iron wand, etc.

        Method: Use heat protection products first to protect your natural hair and extensions from potential wear and tear and heat damage. Avoid using hairspray. Always ensure that your hair is 100 percent dry before applying any heat tools. Use clips to neatly work on individual sections at a time. Style as desired, curl, crimp, straighten, blow-dry etc…

        Tip: Avoid holding heat near the bonds at the roots of your hair for too long.

        hair weft real human hair

        Sleeping with Hair Extensions

        Tools: Hair tie & hairbrush. A silk pillowcase is advised.

        Method: Brush your hair, put it in a plait to sleep. You can also sleep with a satin pillowcase which will help prevent matting because of the smooth surface.

        Tip: Never go to bed with wet hair.

        Clip in Hair Extensions

        Do You Know RUNATURE Clip in Hair Extensions?

        • No Damage: Clip in extensions attach to your hair with pressure clips. They require no tools, chemicals, or glues
        • Real Human Hair: RUNATURE Hair Extensions Clip in Human Hair is made by 100% Human Hair
        • Easy to apply: Clip Hair Extension is the easiest choice to get amazing length and volume, you can install yourself in few minutes
        • Long-Lasting: RUNATURE Clip ins human hair extensions last up to 3-6 months if wear regularly, and even longer if only wear occasionally. Regular maintenance, combined with quality hair care, makes these extensions ideal for a lasting look
        • Thick Hair: 100 grams per pack, one pack will be enough for thin hair to extend or add hair volume, 2 packs are enough for those who have thick hair, only need to extend the hair length

        Do You Know How to Apply Clip Hair Extensions?

        Do You Know How to Choose Length?

        Runature Hair believes in Our customers are our roots and always takes satisfying every customer as our reponsibility. Providing high quality hair is we have always insisted. We have our own brand, factory and warehouse in the United States. More than beautiful hair, our mission is to inspire your confidence and empower you to look and feel your high-point through our products. We sincerely thank our customers for their encouragement.

        We Provide Free Color Match Service If you Don't know How to Choose Color.

        What makes our products unique?

        We own professional factory team to collect and process hair material, which guaranteed the hair quality, so as to give you the most natural hair extensions in lower pay.

        Why do we love what we do?

        Every women or girl wanna beauty & confidence, just like Rose. RUNATURE will help you


        Tape in hair

        Why Choose RUNATURE Tape in Hair Extensions?

        Tape in hair extensions

        • You can put the hair extensions very quickly. DO NOT need to sit down in the salon for the whole afternoon! Only 1-2 hours then you can enjoy your new look!
        • Do not want to spend too much money on your hair extensions? Tape in hair extensions will be the best choice for you!
        • Our hair extensions are reusable with replaced tape!

        skin weft extensions

        How to wash

        • Make sure that you do not wash the hair at least 2 days after the application, otherwise this will cause slippage
        • Wash your hair extensions with warm water and sulfate free shampoo
        • Hold the hair with your hand and squeeze the water
        • Do not use oily hair care products around the tapeadhesive tape in hair

        How to prevent tangling

        • Commit to using a deep conditioner once a week or a daily leave-in conditioner. Make sure to only apply the conditioner to the ends to avoid greasy roots, which may cause your extensions to slip
        • Brushing your hair should be one of the most important steps in your hair extension care routine. Keep a paddle or loop brush handy to keep up with the recommended three times a day
        invisible tape in hair

        How to style

        • Always apply a heat protectant before using any hot tools
        • We recommand that the temperature of the straightening plate should be controlled at 320 degrees Fahrenheit to 390 degrees Fahrenheit with 5-6 seconds every time and 3-5 times repeatglue in hair

          How to choose colors

          • All pictures were taken by RUNATURE. There may be slight difference on different monitors and light
          • If you are confused in color match, please feel free to let us know

        Thanksgiving Day Gift

        Thanksgiving Day Gift

        Thanksgiving is coming! Thank you very much for your continued attention and support to Runature Hair. We will continue to work hard to provide better service and better hair extension.

        You must also have someone to express your gratitude. Do you want to prepare hair extensions to expand and send someone you want to thank? Now there is a good opportunity!