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        Runature—Partners who help you become beautiful

        Runature channel—can help you change your style!


        Runature can change your style

        Runature is a company that produces high-quality hair. It is committed to finding high-quality hair, recruiting professionals, and using advanced technology to produce people's needs. Bring beauty and confidence is the ultimate goal of Ruanture!


        Runature hair


        We have many products, such as Tape Hair, Clip Hair, U Tip Hair, Half Wig Hair, Virgin Hair.etc. which can help you can be elegant in any field, the gas field is full. But some friends don't know how to apply them, let's apply them in different environments with me!


        Gentle - updo hair

        If you are a professional white-collar, wear an office every day, then you are suitable for Updo hair, with your career installation, it is very good, because this hairstyle doesn't have much-broken hair, will not hinder your sight, let you It is very convenient on the road or work, For this hairstyle, I recommend Light color Tape Hair(because this color is very white)


        Please see the hairstyle.Interested friends can also click on the picture to browse the product.


        tape hair can change your styles


        Warm - wave hair

        If you are the boss of the store, you have a lot of customers every day, then I want to be passionate because it is both enthusiasm and romance, I believe that your customers will see it very much, of course, you may think it is Inconvenient, but you can take a small card when you are particularly busy, you can get a little hair, this hairstyle, I recommend brown or gold Clip Hair! (Because I like this color)


        Please see a hairstyle.Interested friends can also click on the picture to browse the product.    



        clip hair human hair

        Lively - virgin hair

        If you are a freelance job, such as writers, painters or others, I think virgin hair is best for you because they are both freedom and lively, you can express your life very well, believe it, You will meet more like-minded partners, this hair, I recommend golden Virgin Hair! (I feel that it will be cooler)

        Please see a hairstyle.Interested friends can also click on the picture to browse the product.

        virgin hair let your more beauty

        What kind of hairstyles are all our rights and freedoms, we only have confidence, happiness is the most beautiful life. I hope that each of us can spend a better day!


        Runature hope that every girl can realize her beautiful dreams.


        Runature sincerely wishes! You may also want to know more about hair-related knowledge,please click on the next link to browse!


        Why Wear Hair Extensions?


        Do You Know Virgin Hair in Extensions?


        Something You Need to Know About Hair Extensions


        4 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Extensions


        hair style

        Have you ever heard Remy hair? - It really is a magical presence

        Have you ever heard remy hair?

        I have to say that remy hair is a high-quality product because it has not undergone excessive chemical processing, thereby retaining the hair itself, which makes remy hair look very real and shiny.

            remy hair clip ins

        It will blend well with our hair and look very natural. At the same time, because it doesn't use too many chemical materials, the life of remy hair will be relatively long.

        Can remy hair be dyed?

        Many friends are curious about whether remy hair can be dyed. The answer is of course. Because remy hair is relatively natural, it can be hot dyed, but there is one part that needs attention: we don’t recommend dyeing dark colors with light colors. It is more recommended to dye light colors to dark colors. This is because Light colors need to undergo chemical processing such as bleaching, which is a kind of damage to the hair itself. If the syrup used is not good, it will reduce the service life of the hair, so it is not recommended for friends to do this.

        Things to pay attention to when taking care of remy hair

        1. Remy hair should reduce the number of cleanings as much as possible,1-2 times a week is the best;

        2. When cleaning, massage as slowly as possible, and it's used too much force;

        3. In the choice of shampoo, you should also choose a mild shampoo as much as possible, do not choose shampoo containing acidic ingredients, which will cause damage to the hair;

        4. Try not to use a hairdryer after washing. Natural air drying is the best. At the same time, you can use products such as conditioner and hair care oil, and don't comb your hair too hard;

        These will effectively extend the life of remy hair and make it look healthier.

        hair extensions human hair

        what is the difference between remy hair and Synthetic Hair?

        Although the two are relatively beautiful hair products, there are still obvious differences.

        remy hair is 100% real human hair. Simple over-acid treatment will not reduce its quality, so it looks natural and fluffy. However, Synthetic Hair has been treated with more chemical materials, and its gloss and softness are not as real as remy hair, The service life of the two will also be different. remy hair has a lifespan of about 3 months, but Synthetic The service life of Hair is only about 1 month, so the service life of remy hair is longer.remy VS synthetic

        I believe that remy hair is valuable, and more and more people will like it. However, with the continuous advancement of technology, more and more hair types have appeared. For example, virgin hair is an excellent representative among them. For details, please click here to view.

        What's Virgin Hair? All Truth about Virgin Hair You Need To Know

        Finally, I hope that every friend can have a satisfactory hairstyle, confident and charming!

        What is the Difference Between Synthetic Hair Extensions and Real Human Hair Extensions?

        Why is Hair Dry and Brittle--Some Tips to Improve Hair Dry and Brittle

        human hair extensions

        Something You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

        Something You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

        Nowadays, hair extensions have become a trend in many countries. It is a simple and timely method. You can increase the length and volume of your hair in a short period. It can quickly change its bad appearance. Make yourself more beautiful.

        How do hair extensions work?

        Hair extension can make your hair fuller. Usually wearing hair extensions has two functions: one is to increase the length of the hair. Therefore, even women with short hair can become beautiful women with long hair overnight.

        The other is to increase the thickness of the hair. Due to the influence of diseases, living habits, stress, and other environments, hair loss is affecting more and more people. Wearing hair extensions can easily hide your hair loss problems.

        Therefore, whether you want to increase the volume or length (or both at the same time!), hair extensions are a shortcut to having beautiful hair every day. If you like hurried hairstyles or very thin and sparse hair, then hair extensions may be your new best friend.

        hair extensions before and after

        Where hair extensions come from?

        There are two different hair materials on the market. One is the hair made of synthetic fibers. This kind of hair extension is cheap and has a short use time (about three weeks). Because it is processed and synthesized chemical materials, people with sensitive scalps are likely to have allergies.

        The other is made from real human hair, which is relatively expensive compared to the hair extension of synthetic fiber. But its use will be about three months. The use time of higher quality virgin human hair extensions will be more than one year. And it won’t do any harm to your natural hair.

        real human hair extensions

        What are the types of hair extensions?

        There are many types of hair extensions. For example tape in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, sew in hair weft, pre-bonded hair extensions, etc.

        Tape in hair extensions

        Tape in hair extensions is one of the most popular hair extensions.

        Just like its name. Tape in hair extensions is a kind of hair extension that uses replaceable double-sided adhesive, one side is attached to the weft curtain of the hair, and the other side is attached to your own hair. It can be reused and can be cut arbitrarily and cut into smaller hair extensions. Therefore, invisibility is very good.

        virgin tape in hair extensions
        virgin human hair extensions

        Clip in hair extensions

        Clip in hair extensions are fixed using clips. The wearing method is simple. As long as you want to change the appearance, you could put them in and out at any time by yourself. Therefore, compared to other types of hair extensions, they can last longer and require less time for maintenance.

        9pcs clip in hair extensions
        3 pcs clip in extensions

        Sew in hair extensions

        Sew in hair extensions are a type of extension which has been sewn to create a small bundle. The hair is then fed a machine to reinforce the stitch near the root of each individual hair on your head, giving you a seamless look. These extensions have become a great way to improve the volume and look of your hair.

        weft bundles highlight blonde
        virgin human hair weft

        Pre-bonded hair extensions

        Pre-Bonded hair extensions are made using keratin (a protein made from your own hair). Connect the pre-bonded hair extensions to your own hair.

        Pre-Bonded hair extensions include i-tip human hair extensions and u-tip human hair extensions. The difference between them is very small, but the shape of the front end is different. The front end of i-tip hair extensions is stick-shaped, while the front end of u-tip hair extensions is curved, just like our nails.

        virgin i tip hair extensions
        virgin u tip hair extensions

        Halo hair extensions

        Halo hair extensions are similar to sew in hair extensions. Compared with the hair weft bundles, it is fixed by the clips and the fishing line with the tip of the adjustable length. They are simple to wear and can be installed and removed by yourself. But halo hair extensions cannot be cut like a weft bundle.

        flip on halo hair

        Hair wigs

        Wigs can be divided into full head front lace wigs and u-part wigs. The full head wigs are sewn on wigs cap that can wrap the whole head, and the inside of the wigs are fixed by clips. U-part wig is a hair extension that is sewn on a U-shaped wig cap that features fine sheer mesh and clips underneath. The u-part wigs, just like his name, can only cover part of the hair and are also fixed by clips.

        front lace wigs #3/8/22
        u part wig #18/60

        Topper Hair Extensions

        Topper hair extensions are made for the top-of-the-head. It's suitable for women with these situations: thinning top hair; hair loss; grey or white hair; a receding hairline; frequently dye hair. There is a clip inside, which is invisible and easy to install. It blends perfectly with natural hair, so you don’t need to worry about being known by others.

        topper platinum blonde
        highlights topper #18P60

        Can hair extensions damage your hair?

        People who have never used hair extensions before and do not understand hair extensions are likely to misunderstand hair extensions and think that hair extensions will damage our natural hair. However, the correct answer is, no, if the hair extensions are professionally installed and properly maintained, they won’t cause any damage to your hair.

        How to care the hair extensions?

        Just washing the hair extensions 1-2 times a week.

        Scrub gently, use conditioner and hair oil more often.

        Try to avoid salt water and chlorine. When going to the swimming pool, try to comb your hair.

        Use low-heat styling for hair extensions. Less heat = less damage.

        If you want to know more, please click this blog Some Tips to Take Care Your Hair.

        If you want to know more, please visit Runature Online Store

        Something You Need to Know About Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

        Something You Need to Know About Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

        Something You Need to Know About Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

        What are pre-bonded hair extensions?

        Pre-Bonded hair extensions are made using keratin (a protein made from your natural hair). Connect the pre-bonded hair extensions to your natural hair. The flexibility of keratin on hair is gentler than much other silicone-based glue used with extensions (silica glue may be difficult to remove and may damage your natural hair). Easy to install and remove.

        Pre-Bonded hair extensions include i-tip human hair extensions and u-tip human hair extensions. I-tip hair extensions. The difference between them is very small, but the shape of the front end is different. The front end of I-tip hair extensions is stick-shaped, while the front end of U-tip hair extensions is curved, just like our nails

        i-tip human hair extensions
        u tip human hair extensions


        What are the advantages of pre-bonded hair extensions?

        Keratin glue: The bonded ends are made of high quality Keratin Glue, which gently combines your hair. Harmless to your hair and scrap. They can feel more comfortable than other types of extensions.

        Easy to care: You just need to wash your hair with warm water, use more conditioner and essential oils. You can easily care for your hair extensions. Warm tips: Don’t put the conditioner on the replacement tapes, this will cause the tapes is not sticky. With great care, it will have a long lifespan.

        Various ways of wearing: The pre-bonded hair extensions can be applied with a hot melt tool and micro beads. They tend to be more secure and are less likely to slip compared to other types of extensions. 

        pre-bonded hair extensions

        How to wear and remove pre-bonded hair extensions?

        Method 1: Use Hot Melt Tool

        Wear: Pre-Bonded hair extensions are fitted strand by strand, the keratin is melted using a hot melt tool, and the melted keratin will be fused with the hair strands at the root of the hair.

        Remove: Separate the bonded hair extension from all the surrounding hair and apply the keratin remover to the bond. Work it in for a few seconds. Next, get your pliers and gently clamp down on the bond - squeezing it until it breaks. You should then be able to slide the hair extension down off the hair.

        Method 2:Use Micro Beads

        Wear: Use micro beads for installation. Insert the pre-bonded hair extensions and your hair into the micro beads, flatten the micro beads to complete the installation.

        Remove: Try squeezing lightly at first and only increase the pressure if the ring doesn't loosen. Once the ring has widened, the extensions will release and should slide out easily. If the extensions have been worn for some time, they may need a gentle pull to release the extension away from the hair.

        Can pre-bonded hair extensions damage my hair?

        Pre-bonded hair extensions are made of keratin. Keratin is made from human hair, so as long as you use the correct installation and care methods, even if you use a hot melt tool, it will not cause damage to your hair.

        Click here to buy remy u-tip hair extensions>>

        Why are my pre-bonded hair extensions falling out?

        It is normal to lose some strands. Some people will lose 5-10 strands in the first few weeks, while some people will not lose at all during the entire use. It depends on many factors, including the secretion of oil in natural hair, the way it is worn, and how to care for the hair. Therefore, pre-bonded hair extensions are best installed by a professional hairstylist.

        invisible pre-bonded hair extensions for women

        Can you reuse pre-bonded hair extensions?

        You can absolutely reuse your pre-bonded hair extensions. As long as you keep them in good condition, you can install them repeatedly! Take care and maintain the pre-bonded hair extensions, then you can reuse them 100%.

        Usually every 6-8 weeks you need to be maintained and adjusted. It all depends on how fast your hair grows because hair extensions will grow with your own hair.

        How many pre-bonded hair extensions for a full head?

        The number of pre-bonded hair extensions that you need depends on the purpose you want to Increase hair volume and the purpose of your natural.

        If you want to add your natural hair volume, usually 100-150 strands are recommended, about 2-3 packs will do. If you want to create a natural hair extension, the most common is 300 strands, which requires about 4-6 packs. 

        Click here to buy remy i-tip hair extensions>>

        How to care the pre-bonded hair extensions?

        When washing your hair, just wash 1-2 times a week. When washing your hair, scrub gently, use conditioner and hair oil more often.

        Try to avoid salt water and chlorine. When going to the swimming pool, try to comb your hair.

        Use low-heat styling for hair extensions. Fewer calories = less damage.

        The better your hair is maintained, the longer your hair extension will last.

        If you want to know more, please click this blog Some Tips to Take Care Your Hair.


        The pre-bonded ends are made of high quality keratin glue, which gently combines your hair. They will not cause any tension or damage to your own hair. Easy to install and remove. It is a good choice to increase the volume and length of hair

        What are you waiting for? Come try it~

        Enter Runature Hair to Learn More About Hair Extensions