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        Runature—Partners who help you become beautiful

        Runature channel—can help you change your style!


        Runature can change your style

        Runature is a company that produces high-quality hair. It is committed to finding high-quality hair, recruiting professionals, and using advanced technology to produce people's needs. Bring beauty and confidence is the ultimate goal of Ruanture!


        Runature hair


        We have many products, such as Tape Hair, Clip Hair, U Tip Hair, Half Wig Hair, Virgin Hair.etc. which can help you can be elegant in any field, the gas field is full. But some friends don't know how to apply them, let's apply them in different environments with me!


        Gentle - updo hair

        If you are a professional white-collar, wear an office every day, then you are suitable for Updo hair, with your career installation, it is very good, because this hairstyle doesn't have much-broken hair, will not hinder your sight, let you It is very convenient on the road or work, For this hairstyle, I recommend Light color Tape Hair(because this color is very white)


        Please see the hairstyle.Interested friends can also click on the picture to browse the product.


        tape hair can change your styles


        Warm - wave hair

        If you are the boss of the store, you have a lot of customers every day, then I want to be passionate because it is both enthusiasm and romance, I believe that your customers will see it very much, of course, you may think it is Inconvenient, but you can take a small card when you are particularly busy, you can get a little hair, this hairstyle, I recommend brown or gold Clip Hair! (Because I like this color)


        Please see a hairstyle.Interested friends can also click on the picture to browse the product.    



        clip hair human hair

        Lively - virgin hair

        If you are a freelance job, such as writers, painters or others, I think virgin hair is best for you because they are both freedom and lively, you can express your life very well, believe it, You will meet more like-minded partners, this hair, I recommend golden Virgin Hair! (I feel that it will be cooler)

        Please see a hairstyle.Interested friends can also click on the picture to browse the product.

        virgin hair let your more beauty

        What kind of hairstyles are all our rights and freedoms, we only have confidence, happiness is the most beautiful life. I hope that each of us can spend a better day!


        Runature hope that every girl can realize her beautiful dreams.


        Runature sincerely wishes! You may also want to know more about hair-related knowledge,please click on the next link to browse!


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        hair style

        Have you ever heard Remy hair? - It really is a magical presence

        Have you ever heard remy hair?

        I have to say that remy hair is a high-quality product because it has not undergone excessive chemical processing, thereby retaining the hair itself, which makes remy hair look very real and shiny.

            remy hair clip ins

        It will blend well with our hair and look very natural. At the same time, because it doesn't use too many chemical materials, the life of remy hair will be relatively long.

        Can remy hair be dyed?

        Many friends are curious about whether remy hair can be dyed. The answer is of course. Because remy hair is relatively natural, it can be hot dyed, but there is one part that needs attention: we don’t recommend dyeing dark colors with light colors. It is more recommended to dye light colors to dark colors. This is because Light colors need to undergo chemical processing such as bleaching, which is a kind of damage to the hair itself. If the syrup used is not good, it will reduce the service life of the hair, so it is not recommended for friends to do this.

        Things to pay attention to when taking care of remy hair

        1. Remy hair should reduce the number of cleanings as much as possible,1-2 times a week is the best;

        2. When cleaning, massage as slowly as possible, and it's used too much force;

        3. In the choice of shampoo, you should also choose a mild shampoo as much as possible, do not choose shampoo containing acidic ingredients, which will cause damage to the hair;

        4. Try not to use a hairdryer after washing. Natural air drying is the best. At the same time, you can use products such as conditioner and hair care oil, and don't comb your hair too hard;

        These will effectively extend the life of remy hair and make it look healthier.

        hair extensions human hair

        what is the difference between remy hair and Synthetic Hair?

        Although the two are relatively beautiful hair products, there are still obvious differences.

        remy hair is 100% real human hair. Simple over-acid treatment will not reduce its quality, so it looks natural and fluffy. However, Synthetic Hair has been treated with more chemical materials, and its gloss and softness are not as real as remy hair, The service life of the two will also be different. remy hair has a lifespan of about 3 months, but Synthetic The service life of Hair is only about 1 month, so the service life of remy hair is longer.remy VS synthetic

        I believe that remy hair is valuable, and more and more people will like it. However, with the continuous advancement of technology, more and more hair types have appeared. For example, virgin hair is an excellent representative among them. For details, please click here to view.

        What's Virgin Hair? All Truth about Virgin Hair You Need To Know

        Finally, I hope that every friend can have a satisfactory hairstyle, confident and charming!

        What is the Difference Between Synthetic Hair Extensions and Real Human Hair Extensions?

        Why is Hair Dry and Brittle--Some Tips to Improve Hair Dry and Brittle

        Some things you may want to know about Halo Weft Hair

        Some things you may want to know about Halo Weft Hair

        Some things you may want to know about Halo Weft Hair

        Nowadays, Halo Weft hair extensions are high-quality hair extensions and can match almost all hair types and colors. Unlike most hair extensions, they are thicker and made in a way that makes them easy to use and comfortable to wear. The good thing about them is that when worn, they give the impression that your hair is really beautiful, and nobody can realize that you are wearing Halo Weft hair extensions. They are more invisible and easy to wear than other hair extensions! There is no doubt that they will always give you amazing results.

        Composition of Halo Weft Hair

        Halo hair extension is one of the most innovative hair extension products on the market today. It is made of real human hair, consists of a transparent fishing line and clips (the clips can be installed or removed as you like), which simplifies the installation process.

        halo weft hair

        Benefits of Halo Weft Hair Extensions

        For women with thin hair, it helps increase the volume of hair and gives them a super look. For women with short hair, wearing it can quickly increase the length of the hair to the length you want.


        In addition, it also has the following benefits:

        • Washable

        • Very easy to wear

        • Doesn’t budge even if you’re moving

        • Blends really well with your natural hair

        • Can be brushed while in the hair

        • Doesn’t use heat or glue

        • Doesn’t damage hair

        Click here for halo hair extensions product information>>


          Halo Weft  VS. Clip in Hair  VS. Tape in Hair

          VS. Clip in Hair Extensions

          Clip hair extensions are completely safe to use, but if you wear them for a long time, your scalp may feel uncomfortable due to heavy hair. This problem is nonexistent in Halo Weft Hair. If you are afraid that the fishing line cannot fix weft hair in your own hair, you can add a few clips. The fishing line can also share part of the pressure of the clip so that you will not feel it too heavy. In addition, because it is transparent, you don't have to worry about it being exposed.

          VS. Tape in Hair Extensions

          Just like clip in hair extensions, tape in extensions is relatively safe, but it is more troublesome to wear and remove than halo hair. Tape in extensions use some form of adhesive (usually glue) to make the extension stick to the hair. You have to put them on your hair carefully when you wear them, and you need to use a lot of pieces to achieve the effect you want. In addition, the tape will gradually lose its stickiness after a period of use.

          You need to purchase replacement tapes if you want to continue using it. When you want to remove them, you must use professional remover, otherwise, you may damage your hair. Again, just like the clip, this problem does not exist in Halo Weft Hair Extensions.

          How to wear?

          Step 1

          Start by pulling the top section of your hair into a top knot. Leave 2 inch wide sections out at the front of your face.

          (optional, but it helps a lot with blending the hair later on.)

          Step 2

          Place the halo hair on your head with the fish line about an inch back from your forehead.

          Push the back of the weft down so it sits firmly below your occipital bone. (This is the small bump you can feel at the back of your head.)

          Step 3

          Take your top knot down so the top section of your hair covers the halo.

          Pull pieces of hair over the halo and wire until it is completely covered.

          Brush through the ends of your locks until the strands are blended.

          If you have any other things about halo weft hair want to know, please contact us. Our email address is: service@runature.net