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        What is Full Cuticle Virgin Hair?

        Full Cuticle Virgin Hair Extensions is the top quality hair extension on the market! It consists of 100% Full Cuticle Human Hair. The cuticle is completely intact, which results in higher quality hair strands. It has all cuticles intact which flows in the same direction from root to the tip. It is a key factor to avoid the tangle and last for a long time.
        Our full cuticle hair extensions are all cuticle hair made of hair cut from one single donor, proudly to become the premium quality brand with a fair price.
        Follow the correct method to care, it will be more than 12 months of use.

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        Why Choose Full Cuticle Hair Extensions?


        Cuticle Content 

        The hair is cut directly from a donor which has complete cuticles, and the direction of the cuticles is consistent.

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        Hair Quality

        Before being made into hair extensions, it has not been hot dyed. Therefore, the hair still maintains a high quality.

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        Life Span

        If you follow the correct care method, the use time of full cuticle hair extensions will exceed 12 months

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        Why the price of full cuticle virgin hair is more expensive?

        Virgin Hair comes from two different donors. In the production process, it has undergone a lighter chemical treatment. Approximately 90% of hair scales are retained.
        Full Cuticle Virgin Hair come from a single donor. It is the hair cut directly from the head of a healthy adult. The hair did not undergo any perm treatment before it was cut. Therefore, in the overproduction, 100% hair scales can be maintained. There is almost no difference between using full cuticle virgin hair and natural hair. Therefore, professionals also call it "Breathing Hair"

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        Injection Tape Ins VS Regular Tape Ins

        Injection Tape in Extension is injected into the skin weft of the tape to securely attach to the natural hair comfortably. The difference with ordinary tape ins is the unique injection of hair on the front of each tape that it blends with the hair.
        Compared with regular tape ins, injection tape in extension is more invisible and natural.

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        Happy Customers


        Sandi C.

        Sale manager

        The quality of this product is amazing. High recommendation! I will purchase again!


        Jennifer Semones

        Sale manager

        This hair has been washed, heat styled, etc several times and it is still soft and shiny.



        Sale manager

        I love it! the extensions are very durable and easy to wear! colors are amazing and easy to match! love that they give you a small pack of extra tape and small accessories with hair!



        Sale manager

        Very shiny and soft. Applied easily. Tape seems to hold well. Color is very nice and blends pretty good with my shoulder length hair.


        Michele Steele-Banks

        Sale manager

        Absolutely love these extensions, they feel great in!


        Jennifer L. Mitchell

        Sale manager

        Best extensions ever. I will never buy anywhere else. Great quality fast shipping. I have never been happier.