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        New type of tape hair extensions——Injection tape hair

        New Type of tape hair extensions——Injection tape hair

        New Type of tape hair extensions——Injection tape hair

        A New Type of Tape in Hair Extensions——Injection tape hair

        Recently, a new type of tape hair extensions has appeared on the market——injection tape hair.

        What are invisible injection tape hair extensions?

        PU injection tape hair extensions, the new product in the market, the hair seems growing from your scalp as skin weft, but no short hair at the top, ultra thin, very comfortable to wear and tangle free, pure real Virgin human hair quality, best tape hair in the market.



        Each hair is injected into the skin weft of the tape (a polyurethane membrane) to produce a root-mimic effect. This method creates the ultimate hidden extensions. Suitable for hair types that are normal-to-fine density, to create luscious results of volume and style!


        These tape in hair extensions strips are injection molded to allow for the extensions to securely attach to the client's hair comfortably. The difference with ordinary tapes is the unique injection of hair on the front of each tape that it blends with the hair, making the extensions less visible, giving the appearance of natural hair growth from the root.

        Benefits of Injection Tape Hair

        • Invisible and more natural: Mimics root growth to give elegance invisible skin looking. Lay flat to the head, can't see knots.
        • Safty and more comfortable: Thinner than ordinary tape hair, close to the human skin. No damage to your natural hair.
        • Easy to apply: Allow applying same as the common tape hair extensions
        • Re-tape, reusable, create maximum impact.
        • One of the best choices for extensionists.

        How to apply Injection Tape Hair?