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        Highest Quality Hair——Full Cuticle Virgin Hair

        Highest Quality Hair——Full Cuticle Virgin Hair

        Highest Quality Hair——Full Cuticle Virgin Hair

        Highest Quality Hair——Full Cuticle Virgin Hair

        What is Full Cuticle Virgin Hair?

        Full Cuticle Virgin Hair is the highest quality and purest hair! It consists of 100% Full Cuticle Human Hair. This means it has all cuticles intact which flows in the same direction from root to the tip. It is a key factor to avoid the tangle and last for a long time. Experience our Full Cuticle Virgin Hair that will save you from continuous hair extension change.

        full cuticle hair

        What are the benefits of Full Cuticle Virgin Hair?

        • Feature and Advantage: real human hair from young donors, keep the hair from top to end in the same direction during all production, so the hair extension looks natural, feels smooth, and avoids tangling and silky straight, we can use hair for a longer time. We do not use any harmful chemical reagents in the dyeing process, so it will not do any harm to your body.
        • How to wear to avoid falling: the tape can be replaced, and when we install the hair, fold one tape or put two pieces together, make your own hair between the tape, like make a sandwich. This way can make the glue mix, so it will stay firm. Please be care don’t put too much hair between the tape, or don’t let one piece touch your hair directly.
        • Color Difference: For real cuticle virgin hair, the ends will be darker than the top and middle, because the hair keeps the same direction, and the ends are easy to get dyed, besides, the pictures are taken by ourselves, we do our best to minimize the color difference, but the different monitor has a color difference, and its human hair, so the color shows natural gloss, so we suggest you choose a color in the natural light.

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        full cuticle virgin hair

        How to distinguish the normal remy and full cuticle hair?

        If you slide your fingers along a hair from one end to the scalp and feel the hair or roughness, then it is normal hair because you are lifting up the light epidermal barb against the direction of epidermal growth.

        On the contrary, if you feel that your hair is very smooth from beginning to end, it is because you are following the direction of epidermal growth, so it is full cuticle hair.

        full cuticle hair  highest quality hair

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        How to take care of my full cuticle hair?

        1. Before use

        Ensure your real hair clean or clarified before use tape hair.

            2.Remove your tape extensions

        You need to buy a special remover and drop it on the tape, after a few minutes, the tape will be soft and you carefully pull open and release your hair!

        1. About dye or curl

        Can be treated and styled (washing, strengthening, curling, coloring) like your own hair. If you want to restain, light color can be dyed to darker, but it’s best not to bleach dark colors into light colors. When using hot tools be sure to use a heat protectant spray!


        Concentrate shampoo on your own scalp, concentrate Conditioner on the hair extensions instead of the tape.

             5.Swimming and sleeping

        When swimming/sleeping, wear hair in a loose plait, never a bun or a top knot.

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        The End

        Full cuticle virgin hair is the best choice for those who don’t want poor quality hair that always tangles and matt at the slightest use. But now few stores are selling it. Do you want to see it early? Welcome to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to catch the updated information of our store.