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      About Runature

      Runature has been existing over decades of history in the aspect of providing qualified and pleasant hair extensions. We believe everyone deserves to realize the hair of their dreams and spare no effort to present a satisfying product, “Bringing Beauty and Elegance to You” is the pursuit of our whole life.

      Runature Hair Extensions

      Our Factory

      Runature has its factory. More than half of the employees in the factory have years of experience in making hair extensions. New employees will be provided with one-to-one teachers for teaching and guidance for at least one month before they start to work. Therefore, the quality of every hair extension produced is guaranteed. 

      Runature Factory

      We also have the most professional team of experts to track the whole production process. Find the problem and solve it in time.

      Our Product 

      • 100% Real Human Hair

      Our hair extensions are all made of 100% real human hair. We have cheap remy hair extensions and high-quality virgin hair extensions.  

      • Follow The Trend

      Our hair is all the popular hair colors of all countries in the world. We follow the trend and will release new products in different colors from time to time. To choose us is to choose the trend.

      • High Product Quality

      Each factory product is based on rigorous tests of color brilliancy, net weight, measuring size and hand feeling, etc. Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction during using time.

      Our Goal

      Our Goal is to provide customers with the highest quality products and services. Provide our customers with the best quality shopping experience. We hope that our products can be loved by customers. They use our products and bring them a happy mood.

      Runature team believes in “Our customers are our roots” .We insist on treating every customer sincerely as a friend from beginning to end.And we always takes “Satisfy every customer” as our responsibility, dedicated to raising product quality, improving shopping experience and optimizing after-sales service.

      Our Socila Media

      E-mail: service@runature.net

      Facebook: Runature Hair Online Store

      Instagram: runature_hair_

      Pinterest: Runature® Hair