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      Before you make a decision, we think you may should know "What's Hair Extensions?"

      A hair extension or a hair weave is a human or artificial hair utilized for the integration with one’s natural hair. It can change one’s appearance for a long or short period of time. Easy to empower one's hair by adding volume, length and color.

      Our store is mainly selling Human Nature Hair Extensions.

      Types of Hair Extensions

      There are 5 kinds of hair extensions in our store now, but other hair types including virgin hair and  pre-bonded will also be updated in future, in order to meet some customers' specific requirements. However, the most popular must be tape hair, clip hair and halo weft, so we suggest you could try this three kinds firstly. If you are not sure which one is suitable for you, just decided by actual situation。

      Tape in Hair Extensions

      If you do not have too much time to do your hair and take off them before sleeping, then Tape in Hair Extensions may meet your requirements, this kind of extensions could be taped or glued together at any side of your hair, where your hair is thin, where tape in hair extensions should be placed. It's easy to add length, color effects, and volume of your hair and you could finish it in one hour.

      Clip in Hair Extensions

      If you prefer to looking beautiful and sophisticated with fullness and length of you hair, Clip in Hair Extensions should be absolutely your type. This kind of extensions are easy to attach and could be perfectly matched with your hair, all you need to do is to open and close with ease on your own hair.

      Halo Weft Extensions

      Except for two kinds of hair extensions mentioned above, there is another hair extension method to provide both volume and length hair, which called Halo Weft Extensions. Different from Tape in Hair Extensions and Clip in Hair Extensions, It does use not clips, glue, or tape for application, the most advantage is it matches almost any hair color and type. What you need to do is setting the secret wire on your head gently, this secret wire is lightweight, virtually undetectable, and don’t require any heating procedure to let this extensions attach your hair.


      Hair Extensions Types Tape-ins Clip-ins Halo Weft
      Time of Attaching Need to Cost 30 minutes to 1-hour. 5 to 10 minutes. 1 to 10 minutes.
      Time of Keeping  Last for about 6-8 weeks. last up to a year. Stays up to 3 to 6 months.
      Pros 1.Doesn’t require any heat or glue to apply.
      2.The extensions are undetectable as they lie flat against the head.
      1.Easy to put them in and take them out on a daily basis.
      2.Cheapest price range.
      3.Will cause minimal or no damage to hair. 

      2.Could be Applied with yourself independently.

      3.Need no heat or glue.
      Cons 1.Cannot wash your hair with this extension within the first 48 hours.
      2.Cannot use oil-based shampoos and products as it may cause the extension to slip.
      1.Cannot wear them for a long period of time.
      2.Because of using clips to apply, it might not be suitable for thin hair.
      More expensive than other kinds of extensions.



       If have any questions, welcome email to runatureinter@outlook.com.